Does Ron Furr Lip-Synch to
the music or is that his real

Ron Furr doesn't lip-synch at
all.  It is his own beautiful
voice that fills the stage.
What is Ron's Favorite Color?

Ron's favorite color is Blue
(like in blue suede shoes)
What kind of music does Ron
listen to?

Besides his favorite Elvis
songs,  oldies, country, rock
& songs from some of his
other favorite performers like
Neil Diamond, Tom Jones,
Billy Joel and so on.
When Ron puts on his show
called "A Touch of Elvis",
what does that consist of?

The show consist of two
acts.  The first act is Ron
performing songs from some
of his other favorite
entertainers.  After a short
intermission, Ron performs
his nationally recognized  
tribute to Elvis..
How long are the two acts?

The first act last 40 minutes.  
The second act is a tribute to
Elvis Presley and last
approximately 50 minutes.
Is the show ok for children?

Absolutely!  The amazing fact
about the show is that it
appeals to all ages and is
wholesome and family
oriented. If you think it was
ok to bring your family to an
Elvis concert, then it is ok to
bring to The Ron Furr Show.
Has Ron ever been married?

No he has not.
Is Ron and his Band available
for Weddings, Anniversary's
or any other private or
corporate event?

Yes.  Just click on over to
the booking page to call or
email someone for
Where is Ron From and does
he travel with a band?

Ron Furr is from St. Louis,
Mo., and he can bring his band
if  the schedule works out but
most times will perform with
sound backup tracks while
traveling to different parts of
the US..
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