Experience the thrill of  what his fans call  "The Top Elvis Tribute Artist in
the World".  Ron Furr's Tribute to Elvis Presley is an Elvis Fan's Dream night
out. Memories come alive during "A Touch of Elvis" as Ron Furr display's the
King's sexuality, humor, charisma, charm,  moves vocals & physique.
Ron Furr, a St. Louis, Mo., based entertainer whose  tribute to Elvis is called
"A Touch of Elvis", has been one of the pioneers of Elvis Tribute Artist
throughout the world.  His imitations of Elvis as a child growing up launched
his career in 1975 where he broke every house record in sales at all of the top
nightclubs in St. Louis, Mo.

After Elvis Presley's death, Ron thought his career was over only to find out
that his tribute was in high demand. In September 1977 Ron & his band
performed at Astroworld in Houston, Texas ( a Six Flag's park) . There, he
joined Chuck Berry & The Coasters for 3 shows a day over the holiday
weekend. Six Flags booked Ron for 12 months over the next 3 years.  Many
employees considered the show as one of the rides because of its exhilarating
effect on those leaving the auditorium.

Ron Furr went on to travel the United States for 16 years with his band while
playing 10 months out of the year.  His show has visited all but 12 states.
With all this being said, Ron Furr once again has brought his highly acclaimed
show to all who wish to remember the good old days when Elvis became
King, and with his fan's loyalty, Ron intends to keep it that way. This show is
a must for all Elvis Fans.
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