"For a night of entertainment, Ron Furr is a must. He is
truly an entertainer in every aspect of the word.  From
the voice, to the humor, to the all around talent. Every
show that I have been to (and that is a lot), I have had
the best time and met the most wonderful people that I
call friends. The
Touch of Elvis part of the show is great
but I love the Ron show even more. If you ever see Ron
once, you will want to see him again and again. It's
always a great time. Thank you for being in my life and
my friend for more than 28 years."
Scharma - Oklahoma City, Ok.

"Ron's charisma is the closest to that of Elvis the world
will ever see.  But many people who come to see Ron
perform his 'Touch of Elvis' are delighted to find that this
talented young man delivers unique shows that go
beyond the Elvis persona."-
Lynda H.

"Ron Furr is a charmer who makes an instant connection
with the audience. When he's not belting out Elvis'
favorite hits, he's zinging one-liners that have you
doubling over with laughter."-
Lisa Roam

{Ron Furr's) show is good, clean family entertainment.
My grandmother loves Ron Furr and so do I!"-

"Ron does a superb Elvis, including the 'Trilogy' medley.
But the first part of his show, where he is being himself,
joking with the audience and doing some great rock and
roll numbers is the part I like best." -
Mary Ann Ogle

"Ron gets the audience involved in his show and that
makes it a unique experience for all. I like the fact that he
not only  has a great show structure but uses alot of
adlib  that he creates night after night. Being an
entertainer is tough when your under the weather, and
I've seen Ron do some of his best shows during those
nights. He never misses and always gives his best."-
Lauck (soundman for Ron Furr for 28 years)

"Ron has Elvis' voice, Tom Jones' sexiness and his own
wonderful sense of humor."
- Suzette Eveland
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