Of Ron Furr
Ron Furr started imitating Elvis after watching one of his
movies. He would go to his bedroom and practice curling
his lip and saying some of his favorite one liners in his
best Elvis voice. He would  use those one liners on his
neighbors and classmates. They would encourage him at  
parties and his popularity grew at a rapid rate.

He started playing private functions with a band he had
assembled in 1975.  By 1976, he had broken every
record at each nightclub were he performed. Ron's
brother Bob took over management and booked the
show at The Barn Dinner Theater in St. Louis, Mo.  He
then played the Plantation which was the largest Dinner
Theater in the country with seating for 1000. Ron's show
sold out for a solid week. This opened up many doors
which included playing at Dinner Theaters across the US
as well as performing at Six Flags.

In 1977 after Elvis's death, Ron thought his career was
over, but his popularity grew. Ron performed at
Astroworld in Houston Labor Day weekend in 1977. His
band was backing up Chuck Berry & the Coasters. When
Chuck Berry's flight was delayed, Ron had to perform in
front of his audience. They were so enthusiastic about his
performance, while reaching to shake hands with fans,
they pulled him off of stage.  Luckily, security was there
to handle the situation. They kept a close eye on him
from then on.

Ron performed a total of 12 months in Six Flag Parks
over the next 3 years. His show was so popular in one of
the parks that they canceled the circus act and moved
Ron's show to the 6000 seat arena.The employees at that
park used to call Ron's show "the Elvis ride" because it
had a drawing power and effect equal to all the other

For sixteen years, Ron had traveled the US performing in
all but 12 states. He kept a band working on the road an
average of 10 months a year. Ron Furr is truly a pioneer
in the business of performing an Elvis Tribute Show. He
frequently receives e-mail from other Elvis Tribute
Artists that thank him for inspiring them to perform.

Ron has received the prestigious Arkansas Travelers
Award, or as they called it "The Key to the City" for his
performances in Little Rock, Arkansas. Then while
playing at a Dinner Theater in Virginia, he accepted an
invitation to perform as a special guest at Ronald
Reagan's Inaugural Celebration marking the beginning of
his second term in office.

In 1992 Ron opened RT Furr's Restaurant & Bar. It was
a very successful adventure, but he still received calls
from his fans from all over wanting him to perform on
the road once again. After an absence of 11 years, Ron
Furr once again has brought his highly acclaimed show to
all who wish to remember the good old days when Elvis
became King, and with his fan's loyalty, Ron intends to
keep it that way.
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